Bijan Haney

I am a researcher and developer in machine learning (with an emphasis on computer vision) at a start-up in New York. My interests include statistics, physics, philosophy, and literature.

I did my doctorate in particle physics at CERN, where I studied properties of the newly discovered Higgs Boson. My goal was to see if the Higgs Boson behaved differently from what theorists expected by studying a rare decay called the 4-lepton final state. To give an idea of how rare it is, over the span of 2017, there were around 3*1015 (3 quadrillion) inelastic proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider. Of those, around 2 million collisions produced a Higgs Boson. Of those Higgs Bosons, only ~250 were predicted to decay to 4 leptons, which is only 0.00000000000083% of all collisions in the year. My thesis was a measurement of the differential cross section of the Higgs Boson in this 4-lepton final state. You can read more details about the research I did here.

The start of this Alberto Caeiro poem summarizes my outlook pretty well:

The astonishing reality of things
Is my discovery everyday.
Each thing is what it is,
And it's hard to explain to someone how happy this makes me,
And how much this suffices me.

The poems of Robinson Jeffers give a similar feeling.